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Member Benefits

History proves that long-term investing is the key to financial success. Our education and research programs help you identify superior stocks and mutual funds consistent with your investing style and tolerance for risk. We employ dozens of time-proven fundamental valuation techniques to identify investments with strong prospects for higher profits and better returns with lower risk.

Power Tech Pro Software 64

Power Tech Pro or PTP is the most powerful investment software program we have ever provided to members. We have been providing investment software to the public since 1987. PTP is an end of day (EOD) and intraday trading platform with technical analysis and charting for stocks and ETFs. End of day data in provided plus intraday real-time data will be added in the future.  PTP has an endless number of features including scripting for screening, alerts, back testing, advanced pattern recognition, a neural network engine, genetic mapping, automated trading, expert advisors and consensus reports, a Twitter interface, and much more. PTP screening engine will include our Triple Test system plus other proprietary systems that will not be disclosed to members or the public.

Most investors who use technical analysis know that almost every day there are great opportunities in the markets if they could only spend hours looking at charts and finding the right charts.  The opportunities have increased with the advent of ETFs or exchange traded funds.  By using ETFs, investors do not have to be concerned with stock specific risk.  Investors Alliance was founded in 1987 and our first investment software program came out a year later.  We started doing research in sector rotation in 1995 using sector mutual funds.  Sector funds were the precursor of ETFs.  In 1995, we had developed systems on our internal investment software and trading software which was perfect for sector funds and ETFs.  One of the things we found with Triple Test is it does an amazing job at calling market and sector bottoms and buy signals.   Most investors are not aware that more volatile sectors have one and often two great buy signals or bottoms each year.  Triple Test using our Power Tech Pro investment software can give you that power.   

Today, our members can use this research in Triple Test, EWS and other systems we provide to members.  Power Tech Pro will allow you to screen for many of these conditions real time and also end of day.  You do not have to spend hours finding great opportunities or learning how to use complex trading software or stock software.  We simplied the processes but allowed members to have incredible power.  Some of the systems are screen each night on out internal investment software and posted each night to our web site.  This saves members hours of research time so they can get the answers they need. .

PTP compares favorably and is more powerful than other trading software and investment software programs costing $100 to $200 a month. The program is included with the $229 Gold and $259 Platinum membership. PTP is fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. Support for Apple Mac and LINUX will become available in early 2011 using Novell’s free cross-platform Mono.

Power Tech Pro 64 – A Powerful Stock Software Tool

Power Tech Pro 64 is a stock trading software tool and an ETF trading software tool with dozens of features.   The program is a powerful stock software program which also includes ETFs.  Power Tech Pro 64 is a professional trading application featuring real-time quote screens, end-of-day screening, charting, alerts, portfolio tracking, automated trading capabilities via the TradeScript scripting language.

The program was developed by Investors Alliance. The firm has provided investment software to the public and professionals since 1987.


A Few of the Many Features In Power Tech Pro 64:

 Power Tech Pro 64 investment software includes:

1. Professional double buffered quote screen with live thumbnail tick charts
2. Portfolio manager / Order entry screen (can be linked to any brokerage)
3. Charting screen with technical analysis and direct trading from charts
4. Advanced chart pattern recognition built into the charting screen
5. Neural Network (Artificial Intelligence) feature is built into Power Tech Pro 64
6. Features user-editable Expert Advisors and Consensus Reports
7. Back testing screen (with end-user scripting language)
8 Real time alerts screen (with end-user scripting language)
9. Stock and ETF intraday scanning screen (via the TradeScript language)
10. End of day technical screening for stocks and ETFs
11. Import/Export to/from Excel including indicator values
12. Straight-forward data feed API adapter class with development support
13. Our mobile charting/portfolio viewer application based on StockChart CE
14. Our Triple Test system with full screening automation
15. Our MS indicator and Gold Model for members on a separate web site.
16. Coming soon – Genetic Mapping for stocks and ETFs for Power Tech Pro users.
17. Additional tools to help stock and ETF investors reduce analysis time

Also includes a support for sending instant messages, generating P&L reports plus much more...

Just a few of Power Tech Pro 64’s incredibly powerful investment software and many other tools that are worth the price of membership alone. Tools like Advanced Chart Pattern Recognition to name just one tool.


Other Benefits:

All CPU intensive processes in Power Tech Pro 64 are asynchronous, taking full advantage of the latest in multiple core processors. Data loading, neural network training, expert advisor processing and other features make full use of asynchronous programming throughout Power Tech Pro 64. 
This helps make the program a powerful trading software tool and a ETF and stock software program.
Technical Analysis Indicators: Power Tech Pro 64 is not only a stock software program that has stocks and ETFs, it is also a trading software program with dozens of technical charting software indicators. Chart Styles:

Power Tech Pro 64 is a powerful charting software and investment software tool with the following chart styles:

  1. 1.Point & Figure Charts
  2. 2.Renko
  3. 3.Kagi
  4. 4.Three Line Break
  5. 5.Candlestick Charts
  6. 6.Equi/Volume
  7. 7.Shaded Equi/Volume
  8. 8.Candle Vlume
  9. 9.Heikin Ashi Candlesticks

The charts can be displayed in a variety of formats including tabbed, cascaded and floating. Power Tech Pro 64 is a powerful trading software program but it is also a robust stock software program that includes ETFs. Power Tech Pro 64 is the most advanced investment software program we have ever launched.


Technical Indicators

Power Tech Pro 64 is powerful technical analysis software program with dozens of technical indicators that can be screened for end of day data and also real time data. Few investment software or trading software programs can match it’s capabilities. There are 70 technical indicators in the charting software.

Technical Indicators (sorted by type)

Bollinger Bands (high, low, median)
Prime Numbers Bands (new!)
Chaos Fractal Bands
High Low Bands
Moving Average Envelope
Correlation Analysis
High Minus Low
Median Price
Price ROC
Standard Deviation
Typical Price
Volume ROC
Weighted Close
Accumulative Swing Index
Chaikin Money Flow
Commodity Channel Index
Comparative Relative Strength
Mass Index
Money Flow Index
Negative Volume Index
On Balance Volume
Performance Index
Positive Volume Index
Price Volume Trend
Relative Strength Index
Swing Index
Trade Volume Index
Regression R-Squared
Regression Forecast
Regression Slope
Regression Intercept
Time Series Forecast
Aroon Oscillator
Chaos Fractal Oscillator
Chaikin Volatility
Historical Volatility
Chande Momentum Oscillator
Detrended Price Oscillator
Ease Of Movement
Parabolic SAR
Price Oscillator
Prime Numbers Oscillator
Rainbow Oscillator
Stochastic Oscillator

Stochastic Momentum Index
Triple Test

True Range
Ultimate Oscillator
Vertical Horizontal Filter
Volume Oscillator
Williams Accumulation Distribution
Williams %R
Exponential Moving Average
Simple Moving Average
Sentimentum Index

Time Series Moving Average
Triangular Moving Average
Variable Moving Average
Weighted Moving Average
Welles Wilder Smoothing
MS Indicator


Line Studies

There are also Line Studies that can be overlaid on the charts to provide additional analysis.

Trend Line
Speed Lines
Gann Fan 
Fibonacci Arcs
Fibonacci Fan
Fibonacci Retracements
Fibonacci Time Zones
Tirone Levels
Quadrant Lines
Raff Regression
Error Channels


Enabled for End-of-Day and Real-Time Use

Power Tech Pro 64 is enabled for end-of-day analysis and also real time analysis. The software includes end-of-day and has the option of real-time data from an outside vendor. The program will also be able to connect to the Interactive Brokers feed for account holders. Real-time data will be no charge if account holders do more than $10 a month in commissions. This API connection should be available in the summer of 2011. We may add additional API’s to Ameritrade and a few other companies in the future. Please note that Investors Alliance receives no fees or income from these brokers. Interactive Brokers (IB) was chosen because the API was already available. IB does have very good executions, low fees and a global platform which is a very impressive.  


Real-Time Features

The program has powerful tools for real time investors making Power Tech Pro 64 a full blown trading program. Some of the real-time features include; screening, back-testing, alerts, automated trading based on conditions set by the user, text or email alerts, neural networks, expert alerts, Twitter support for traders to tweet their trades to others, advanced chart pattern recognition, support for wireless devices and many more features.  Our proprietary indictaors like Triple Test, Sentimentum Index and the MS Indicator are very powerful using intraday real time data in the trading software section.  They work very well with the leveraged 2x and 3x ETF funds.


The methods and this web site are for education and research and is not investment advisory.

Stock analysis software

Power Tech Software

PowerTechBox2Power Tech is a technical screening and charting investment software program for stocks and ETFs. The program allows users to chart with over 25 indicators. The screening engine is very powerful with canned screens, easy to develop screens plus powerful screens users can write in a VB scripting language. This trading software includes canned Triple Test screens using our Triple Test setup which is ideal for swing traders and also detecting market and industry corrections and major rallies.  Power Tech is also a stock software program with coverage of stocks and ETFs.  Power Tech is available with the $229 Gold and $259 Platinum levels of membership and is compatible with most versions of Windows including XP, XP Pro, and Vista 32. 64-bit Windows will require Windows 7 Pro running free XP Mode. This investment software program can take your investing to the next level.

Power Investor Software

PowerInvestorchartTXNPower Investor is a powerful investment software program for fundamental and technical analysis. The program includes historical fundamental data plus price and volume data. The program does detailed fundamental analysis including dozens of rations and fundamental screening.  We provide members with a manual screening version and setups for the amazing Triple Test system, which can be used for stocks and ETFs.  Power Investor includes data on U.S. stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Power Investor is available with all levels of membership and is compatible with most versions of Windows including XP, XP Pro, and Vista 32. 64-bit Windows will require Windows 7 Pro running free XP Mode. 

Power Investor is an application that runs on your computer.  Some people wonder why it is not a web based application.  One major reason is that application charts are superior to web based charts.  Power Investor's charts have incredible detail, control and granularity.  You can see incredible detail on the charts and technical indicators. When you are investing with your real money, you will realize the difference with this stock software.  Power Investor investment software also has proprietary technical indicators and systems you will not find with any other service.  We provide educational material to show you how to use these tools.  Many of our clients have been members for 20 years or more.  One major reason is Power Investor's many features and Power Investor's charts.  There is no charting software program that compares to Power Investor.  The charting control software was written by our team.  You will not find charts like this anywhere.  If you are serious about investing and your money, you need to try the program and membership.  Power Investor will have a new 64-bit investment software program version in Late 2011.

The methods and this web site are for education and research and is not investment advisory.

Price data provided under license from Stricknet. Stock analysis software.

Mutual Fund and ETF Rating System

 The system on a daily basis does a rating for every open-end fund, closed-end fund and exchange traded fund (ETF).  Each month in our monthly journal, we list the top 50 open-end funds and the top 25 closed-end funds and ETFs. This information is also posted on the web site.  Other well known fund rating systems can let investors down during bear markets.  Key components of our system were developed in the early 1990s and have been refined over the past decade.  The investment software is updated during the day.

Investors will not find any comparable system for mutual funds or ETFs available anywhere else or at any price.  This tool is especially powerful for the rapidly growing ETF investment sector because the current tools for ETF analysis are lacking in sophistication.  In the summer of 2008, we will be adding a web based version of this program so members can expand the power of the system and customize the analysis to fit their specific criteria.  

Please note this is NOT an advisory service or recommendations.

Triple Test System

Triple Test is a proprietary technical analysis model that is used on stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs) to look for technically undervalued securities.  The system can be manually run in Power Investor and it is automated in Power Tech and Power Tech Pro.  The system usually has a holding period of about a month or less.  The system picked the bottom for Ford within three days of the absolute bottom of the stock in 2008.  The system is effect for the market, sectors and individual securities. Triple Test is also very helpful with leveraged ETFs. Please note that TT is not an advisory service or recommendations. 

Movie Star System

This system is partially based on the indicator developed by the father of a female movie star. Her dad won a trading contest using one of his indicators and she won the same contest as a teenager.  Our system uses one of his indicators and a few of our own proprietary indicators.  We do not disclose the details to this proprietary system because it is too good.  When we run the screens and “view” the charts the view is astonishing.  The system sometimes appears to be like getting a copy of Barrons or Investors Business Daily a week in advance. We are using the system and other research to develop genetic mapping for thousands of stocks and ETFs. This information is available to $229 and $259 members. Please note that this is not an advisory service or recommendations.

EWS Models

EWS or Early Warning System is a proprietary system developed back in 1995 and refined over the years.  The term EWS is used because the system not only finds the best market sectors, it also alerts whether there may be an impending market crash or correction like 2008.  During 2008, the system moved to Treasuries ETFs and Funds.  Treasuries soared during the 2008 crash.  The system uses two ETFs and two no-load mutual funds.  Every two months, the system’s algorithms search to see what funds should do best over the next two months.  The reallocation every two months helps reduce the risk of market crashes and can help in providing an early alert to market crashes.  The system tries to determine where the smart money is flowing to or rotating to in the global stock markets.  EWS is one of the most powerful tools offered by Investors Alliance.  From 1999 to 2009; EWS ETF’s beat the S&P 500 Index 4.1 to 1. During the same period, the EWS Mutual Funds beat the S&P 500 Index 7.5 to 1.   It is offered with the $229 Gold and $259 Platinum memberships. Please note that EWS is not an advisory service.

Gold Model

The Gold Model included with $229 and $259 membership. It uses four gold stocks and shows members the optimum times to buy and hold plus sell.  This proprietary system uses proprietary indicators to find optimum periods to buy and sell. Please note this is NOT an advisory service or recommendations.

Sector, RS and Delta Models

These models have been available to members since 2000 and they have outperformed all market indexes.  They include 6 Sector Models, 3 RS Models and 2 Delta Models.  The six Sector models look for the best sectors every quarter.  The RS and Delta Models sit in cash waiting for short term opportunities.  The holding periods are usually a month.  These models are included with the Gold and Platinum membership.  Please note this is NOT an advisory service or recommendations.

Genetic Mapping - Stocks & ETFs (Coming in early 2011)

When we developed the software for EWS, the programmer was experienced in the financial industry.  They also were very experienced in software used for genomic DNA sequencing and genomic mapping used by biotech firms.  Frank Lardino developed EWS and discussed with the programmer a method to map stocks and ETFs in the same manner as the biotech industry.  In late 2010, Frank will be working on this project using more EWS programming combined with pattern recognition built into the Power Tech Pro software.  This methodology and research will be shared with $229 and 259 members in early 2011.  The results so far are very encouraging.  Please note this is NOT an advisory service or recommendations.

Private Member Web Site (Coming in early 2011)

This web site will be for $229 Gold and $259 Platinum members only.  It will contain all of our models and systems research with daily updates. Please note this is NOT an advisory service or recommendations.


end faq


Please note that Investors Alliances does not offer advisory services or recommendations. Investors are encouraged to do their own research.

Investment Self-Study Course

Investing Strategies, our 25-chapter self-study tutorial and reference book, covers ten major topic areas, including wealth building through investment, mutual fund and stock analysis, selecting stocks and funds for profit, sources of investment information, analyzing annual reports, reading the financial pages, and protecting against bear markets. Comparable educational courses cost $50 or more.

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Power Investor

Power Investor® for Windows helps you find better investments quicker and easier. This research software designed for stocks and mutual funds covers thousands of small, hard-to-find growth stocks and virtually every mutual fund.

Power Tech

Power Tech for Windows is advanced technical screening software designed to identify stocks with specific technical indicator values, chart patterns, and price/volume behavior based on parameters that you specify.